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The reading group
March 13, 2014

Reading between the lines - Life through literature in a prison reading group

by Patricia Canning
In Northern Ireland, the complexities of literary fiction are embraced for their capacity to unite. Every week, I read literature with female prisoners at a Belfast prison. We read aloud and discuss short stories, novels and poetry. This evokes emotional responses, reflections on personal experiences and memories of things that are not often easily accessible. It is, for all of us, a deeply engaging reading experience. The literature we read and the resulting discussions also generate conflicts within the group, highlighting social and personal differences. The conflict and recognition of… Read more
March 11, 2014

LinC's Lesley and Jim on the Middle Way Society's Podcast

by team@languageinconflict.org
Language in Conflict's Lesley Jeffries and Jim O'Driscoll recently made an appearance on the Middle Way Society's own podcast.The Middle Way Society was formed to support the study and promotion of the idea of the Middle Way - an attempt to help us make better judgements by recognising the fixed beliefs that we hold.Click the picture below to hear Lesley and Jim talk to MWS's Barry Daniel about Language in Conflict and the use of language in conflict situations and attempts at conflict resolution. They describe in detail the work we have been doing with mediators across the UK. Also, the… Read more
Balan US
January 22, 2014

The ever-changing nature of 'the Balkan'

by Milena Marinkova
One of the most recurrent metaphors used to discuss conflict is 'the Balkan'. A designation for the mountain range that cuts across the territory of present-day Bulgaria, the term 'Balkan' has also been applied to a diverse geopolitical region and a range of cultural and political phenomena. The earliest recorded mention of the word, which according to Todorova was in 1490, referred to what had been previously known as the Haemus mountain range in the Rumeli provinces of the Ottoman Empire. By the end of the nineteenth century, when Great Power wrangling about the fate of 'the sick man of… Read more
LinC article 1
Nov 06, 2013

Language in Conflict in Babel magazine

by Matthew Evans
Language in Conflict recently made an appearance in Babel, a print magazine about language and linguistics. In her… Read more
Myoung Ho Lee - Tree #3
Sep 16, 2013

Root causes - 'Peace' and 'conflict'

by John Kelly
For those of us living in parts of the world such as the United Kingdom or United States, conflicts such as the ongoing… Read more
Sep 10, 2013

Language and the Syrian conflict

by Matthew Evans
In the modern media, a conflict such as the on-going battle over the future of Syria generates a huge amount of press… Read more
Sep 02, 2013

Observations on face in mediation

by Roger Seaman
Mediation is the bringing together of parties who are in conflict and a mediator in order to hold a conversation.… Read more
Aug 12, 2013

In the News - Opposition

by Matthew Evans
Oppositions seem to be fundamental to the way we think about the world around us. Left/right, black/white, hot/cold –… Read more
Jul 29, 2013

In the News - Metaphor

by Matthew Evans
Metaphor allows us to talk about things in a descriptive or poetic way, and gives us a fresh way of thinking about… Read more
Patrick Howse by Inge Schlaile
Jul 22, 2013

Making sense of war and trauma through poetry

by Patrick Howse
I covered violent conflicts as a producer for the BBC for ten years from 2000. My most challenging role was acting as… Read more
Israel-Palestine border
Jul 15, 2013

Where they stand - How Europe talks about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

by Jim O'Driscoll
As a linguist, what interests me about political debate is not just what people say. I am also interested in how they… Read more
Jun 28, 2013

Language, conflict and incarceration in Northern Ireland and Wales

by Diarmait Mac Giolla Chriost
Although the Northern Irish conflict is one of the most heavily researched, it remains fertile ground for conflict… Read more
Jun 10, 2013

When is a terrorist a terrorist?

by James Rodgers
'The problem we had then was the terrorists,' began the former soldier. A veteran of the Second World War, victory over… Read more
Tony Blair
May 29, 2013

'Threat' and 'risk' - Their part in the Iraq war

by Lesley Jeffries
There remains some doubt in the aftermath of the Iraq war as to whether Saddam Hussein's regime was as dangerous as the… Read more
May 09, 2013

'The author and the princess' – An example of Critical Discourse Analysis

by Matthew Evans
This article provides an example of how Critical Discourse Analysis can be used to analyse texts. By looking at the… Read more
Apr 30, 2013

'Us' and 'the others' - Stereotypes

by Edith Podhovnik
Although they have a bad image, there is nothing inherently wrong about stereotypes. Without them, we would struggle to… Read more
Mar 14, 2013 2

Us/them, good/bad - How conflicts arise through language

by Lesley Jeffries
The relation of opposition that holds between pairs of words in (presumably all) the world’s languages could easily be… Read more

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